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If you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t make a move before reading my book – “Preparing for a Successful Sale”. In the book you’ll learn about:
The 23 questions you should ask any realtor before you sign anything.
The 5 essential ingredients that comprise the formula for a successful home sale.
The most important factor in the sale of your home
Home pricing guidelines
The biggest mistakes home sellers make and how to avoid them
Common real estate selling myths
and much more.

Every year I cringe when I see a home that has been sitting on the market for months and months. I can’t help but feel sorry the home owners, I know they’ve got to be discouraged and tired of the process. They started off with the highest of hopes only to be let down again and again. They’ve vacated the home for entire days while their agent held open house after open house just hoping a qualified buyer would come through. They’ve had to vacate their home on short notice while other agents have shown the home to potential buyers, again, with no qualified offers. After a month or two, their agent suggests a price reduction and sellers agree, only to see their bottom line $ slowly chipped away.

My Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate system was created with home sellers in mind. I have been perfecting my home selling system for the last decade, over 80% of my business is representing sellers only. Because of my unique system all of the homes I listed for sale in 2017 sold in an average of 20 days, not 100+ like you’ll sometimes see with other homes on the market.

My system is designed with only 1 purpose – to sell your home. Over 90% of the time my strategic Open House results in 10+ highly qualified buyers and multiple offers.   In 2017 all the homes I listed for sale sold for an average of over 100% of the list price.

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