Corona Homes: Where to Live in Corona, CA

Corona Homes: Where to Live in Corona, CA

Sunny Southern California is the ideal place for anyone who loves warm days and having the beach a quick drive away. You’ll also enjoy stunning views of the mountains and easy access to nature in this area. As one of the most residential areas in the Inland Empire region of California, the city of Corona is an idyllic place to set down roots for a young couple or a family. If you’re looking for a new city to start your life, consider the “Circle City”. Once you see a few Corona homes, you’ll be packing your bags in no time.

Where is Corona, California?

Corona, California sits in the northwest corner of Riverside County. Located in Southern California it has close proximity to both the beach and the mountains.

It’s bordered by Norco and Riverside to the north and northeast, respectively. Chino Hills and Yorba Linda sit to the northwest. To the southwest, you will find the Cleveland National Forest and the Santa Anna Mountains.

Corona sits on the western edge of the Inland Empire, a metropolitan area and region. The region includes other popular desert communities such as San Bernadino, Ontario, and Riverside, California.

You’ll find Corona, California, a quick drive from the two major Southern California cities, Los Angeles and San Diego. Los Angeles is about 48 miles northwest, and San Diego about 95 miles southeast.

The city is split into three districts: North Corona, Central Corona, and South Corona. Each district is separated into sub-districts designated by east and west, separated by Corona’s Main Street.

North Corona

North Corona borders Norco, Riverside, and Chino Hills to its east and northwest borders, respectively. The area is a mix of residential and commercial, with most residential neighborhoods in Northeast Corona.

As a whole, North Corona has a mix of middle and upper-middle income homes, with the majority built after the late 1990s.


Out of the four neighborhoods in Northwest Corona, the one residential area is Auburndale. Auburndale has a community center with a swimming pool and tennis court.

The Auburndale Intermediate School houses grades seven and eight and is part of the Corona-Norco Unified School District. Home prices in Auburndale range from the mid-200s to the high-900s.

Corona Ranch

Located in Northeast Corona, Corona Ranch is a residential area with many condos and homes. Here you’d find midsized single-family homes that boast 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 to 3 bathrooms.

The Corona Ranch elementary school is part of the Corona-Norco Unified school district and teaches kindergarten through sixth grade. The homes in Corona Ranch range from the high-200s to the mid-600s.

Corona Hills

Also located on the residential side of North Corona, Corona Hills features tree-lined neighborhoods of Spanish-inspired homes clustered together on the inside of the neighborhood.

Enjoy local restaurants and cafes along the outskirts of the neighborhood. Nearby elementary, middle, and high schools with high ratings. Home prices vary with a range in the low-300s to over a million.

Central Corona

Central Corona is the oldest area of the city. Many homes here were built around 1910, boasting a unique historic charm.

The South Main Street Palms Historic District is a popular section of the city where a mix of historic homes and palm trees line the streets.

The area includes the inner circle of Grand Boulevard, the areas south of Route 91, and all of the areas north of Ontario Avenue.

Sierra Del Oro

Sierra Del Oro is a neighborhood in the west of Centra Corona, often called Westside Corona. These communities sit on Green River Road and extend toward the county line of Orange and Riverside.

Because of the proximity to Yorba Linda, Anaheim, and Anaheim Hills, Sierra Del Oro has apartment complexes for commuters. However, there are still many homes and condos for sale in the area.

In this area, homes for sale in Corona, CA range from the high-200s to the mid-900s.

Pepper Corner

Located in Eastside Corona, Pepper Corner is an urban neighborhood situated west of Route 15. Residential, Pepper Corner is comprised of a range of homes from small studios to three- or four-bedroom single-family.

With a mix of owners and renters, there are also many apartment complexes and high-rise apartment buildings in the area. The neighborhood is established but not old, with most homes built between 1970-1999 and some after 2000.

You’ll find a range of prices from the mid-100s to the mid-800s.

South Corona

Most newly-built planned communities are located in South Corona. Most homes south on Ontario Avenue were built throughout the early 2000s. Many of the neighborhoods built in this area are residential ideal for families.

Highly sought after, this area has high-rated schools—the highest in the city as well as the region.

Dos Lagos

Dos Lagos straddles Interstate 15 near Riverside County. Of the areas in Corona, this is one of the newly built. You’ll find a shopping center, local restaurants, and a large golf course in close proximity to residences.

Most residents of Dos Lagos live in upscale apartment complexes and newer homes. You’ll find condos and homes for sale in this area, with the prices falling between the high-300s and mid-500s.

Temescal Valley

Located at the southernmost end of the city limits of Corona, Temescal Valley is an unincorporated, census-designated area. Within this area, you’ll find neighborhoods like Sycamore Cree, Canyon Ranch, and Horsethief.

The area has a community feel and high-rated schools that have young families flocking to its homes. Home prices range from the low-200s to mid-700s throughout Temescal Valley.

Find Your Forever in Corona Homes

If you’ve ever dreamed of living near the beach and the mountains, then Corona, California is the place for you.

This idyllic town is perfect for anyone who wants to admire the beauty of nature, be surrounded by history, and a quick drive to a nearby major city. Once you see a few Corona homes, you’ll start imagining the life you can have.

You can find your forever in Corona, California. Ready to plan your move? Get in touch with our experts to plan your home’s future.


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