Corona Market Watch June 2019

Corona Market Stats June 2019
Hey friends it’s Ruben Murillo with Keller Williams Realty up Corona here is your Corona MarketWatch for the month of June 2019.

Stay tuned after the video because after the video I’m going to have three special free offers for home sellers. so let’s get into the MarketWatch in the month of May 2019 city of Corona 523 active listings this is homes actively for sale, this number is up 7.6% from the same time last year.

Lets look at the clothes sales in the city of Corona in May 2019, we had 290 closed sales this number is down 5.5% from the same time last year so we have more house is coming onto the market yet less houses are closing so that’s going to tell us that houses are staying on the market just a little bit longer than usual. and the days on Market is going to reveal that, lets go into the days on market. Days on Market, in May, it took 45 days from the time a house went on to the market to the time it actually open escrow, so our days on Market are longer because the same time last year was 30 days so we’re up 50% as far as days on Market because now it’s taking 45 days.

The next number is a nice number because it’s a very strong number this is our months of Supply, what months of Supply tells us is if no new houses came on the market how, long would it take us to sell the existing inventory you Corona its 3.4 month, this is very good there was times when we were up to 24 months so 3.4 months is a good strong number, houses are still moving, they’re just not moving as fast as they were last year.

Price per square foot. Our price per square foot in the city of Corona this is an average is $254, this is up 3.3% from the same time last year.

Let’s look at sales price. Our average sales price in the city of Corona is $544,862 this is 6% up from the same time last year so for a $500,000 house it’s just it’s a small chain it’s just a couple thousand dollars somewhere like three to four thousand dollars not quite enough to make you want to keep your house on the market for an extra year so you know I tell people don’t always try to time the market cuz we never know when the markets going to change direction. If the time is right for you and right for your family it may be the time for you to make a move okay so that’s it for the Market Watch.

Now let me get into the 3 free offers
The 1stt thing I’m going to offer you is a free home sellers book.
This book is called preparing for successful sale and it’s got lots of information for home sellers it’s got information about timing it’s got information about proper pricing at the drawbacks of overpricing the benefits of proper pricing it also tells you how to select an agent, things to ask, and what to look out for so click the button below or follow the link below and you’ll be able to get that free sellers book.

The 2nd thing I’d like to offer you is a free detailed market analysis for your home’s value, now this isn’t the that thing where you go online and just type in your address and it sends you this big range of numbers. It a little bit more detailed I actually run it myself, it takes me a few minutes. I take houses that are very similar to your house, houses that are within the same area houses that have sold within the last 4 months and then I provide you with a 25 to 45 page detailed report of your House’s value if you were to sell it now also let you know what you can get if your house is in average condition and then when you could expect to get if your house is in great condition so you’ll be able to go to the link below and you’ll be able to get that free detailed market analysis.

The 3rd thing I’d like to offer you is a free market watch now the Market Watch what it does is it send you a report. Every month on your home it gives you an approximate value for your home it shows you what is recently come on to the market your neighborhood what is recently closed in your neighborhood that we can get it keep a good eye on what’s going on in your Market with houses that are similar to yours. Again, click the link below or go to the link below and you’ll be able to get the free market watch. Thanks for watching and I hope to hear from you soon.

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