What to Look for In a Real Estate Agent: 10 Essential Traits

What to Look for In a Real Estate Agent: 10 Essential Traits

Existing home sales in 2020 reached over 5.6 million with new home sales numbering 813,000 in the same year. Whether you’re selling, buying, or both, having the best real estate agent working for you is crucial. It saves you money, gives you an ally, and makes the entire process easier.

What is a real estate agent and what traits should an agent have? Your real estate agent handles all aspects of the real estate transaction, including very important legal tasks that have to be done correctly. Instead of just searching “real estate agents near me” and hoping for the best, research local real estate agents to find the best fit.

Check out these traits of top real estate agents to help you choose one that works for you.

1. Experience

If you look at the top real estate agents in your area, they all have years of experience in real estate. New agents learn the basics when they become licensed, but you can’t replace experience in the field. Always check on the number of years the real estate agent has in the field.

Also look at the type of experience they have. Some agents specialize in their listings, whether that’s luxury homes, new construction, commercial properties, or specific types of buyers, such as first-time homebuyers or investors. Those professionals can help you with any type of real estate, but they’ll excel if your property needs match their specialty.

2. Local Market Knowledge

Find a real estate agent who is not only experienced in real estate generally but specifically in your local market. Housing markets vary significantly based on location, so having someone who keeps up can give you better advice.

Local experience makes it easier for your real estate agent to price your home properly when selling. Local agents likely have a pool of potential local buyer and sellers, and they stay on top of new inventory coming on the market. They also know the neighborhoods well and can help you find a home in a location that works for you.

3. Communication Skills

Buying or selling a home can be overwhelming, even if you’ve done it before. It’s also a long process, with a home loan taking an average of 56 days to close. That doesn’t include the time it takes to choose the perfect house when you’re buying or find a seller if you’re selling.

You’ll have lots of questions throughout the process. While your real estate agent handles most of the work, you’ll have several items on your to-do list. You need someone who welcomes questions and keeps you updated on the things you need to do.

Find a real estate agent who has time for your questions and can clearly explain the often complex home buying and selling process. You won’t hear from your agent every single day, but you want one who gets back to you quickly and makes communication easy.

4. Trustworthy and Honest

Real estate is often the biggest purchase you’ll make, so you want a partner in the process you can trust. Your real estate agent needs to be honest about properties and realistic about things such as repairs needed and how much work a home will be.

When you’re selling, you and your agent have to be completely honest and forthcoming with information about the home. Lying or failing to disclose information about your home could result in legal action.

5. Strong Negotiator

Whether you’re buying or selling, you want a strong negotiator representing you. When selling, a strong negotiator gets you top dollar with fewer concessions to protect your financial interests. On the buying end, your real estate agent can negotiate you the best deal possible to save money on the purchase or get the buyer to throw in extras.

Find an agent who is confident and feels comfortable fighting for your interests. If they give in easily, you might not get the best deal possible on your real estate transactions.

6. Extensive Network

Top real estate agents have a network of other professionals in related fields. They know people in related industries, such as lending, insurance, home inspection, and construction. Working with other professionals shows that the real estate agent is a team player, and it gives you easy access to referrals for the services you need.

7. Creativity and Problem Solving

An agent who is a creative problem solver can make the process easier. A good real estate agent can figure out how to stage and market the home you’re selling to show it in its best light. When buying, you might need a creative real estate agent to help you find a home that fits your budget but also meets your long list of must-haves.

Agents with lots of experience know the common problems that come up during real estate transactions. They also have solutions for many of those problems.

8. Organized and Thorough

Real estate transactions require specific processes and paperwork to stay on track and close successfully. Missing a deadline or forgetting to do a required task could delay your purchase or even cause you to lose a home or a buyer.

Find an agent who has an organized office and follows procedures well. Ask about the processes used and how the agent keeps track of transactions.

9. Passion About Real Estate

Real estate agents who are committed and passionate about real estate make the experience positive. Passionate agents are motivated to sell homes quickly and match buyers with the perfect homes. They’ll likely work harder for you no matter which end of the transaction you’re on because they love what they do.

10. Good Chemistry

The best real estate agent for you is not only experienced, but also has good chemistry with you. You’ll work closely together throughout the process, so you want someone whose personality makes it a positive experience.

If a real estate agent’s personality doesn’t match what you like, the experience will be more difficult. It doesn’t matter how great the agent’s track record is if you feel friction every time you interact. If the agent makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll be less likely to speak up or stand up for yourself.

Follow your gut when you meet with potential real estate agents. Look for someone with a personality that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Find Your Ideal Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent is a personal decision based on your priorities. However, your agent should have certain qualities to ensure the process goes smoothly.

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